About Us

Your 1st. Choice to Achieve Daily Environmental Protection.
TISRO is a Reputable International Brand Specializing in Eco-friendly Household and Kitchenware Products. TISRO Products are distributed across different countries in America, Europe and Asia. You can find the products in United States, Canada, Australia, England, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, China etc.
Mission: To Make Daily Environmental Protection Easy and Achievable
Aim: To reduce pollution and make environmental protection a priority
TISRO Operates and Produce Products based on THREE Core Principles:
• Selection of Premium and certified Eco-friendly Materials.
• 10 Years Quality Assurance and 24/7 Customer Services.
• Light and Exquisite Gift Package Designed for Multipurpose Use.
Siegfried Sassoon poem line “In me the tiger sniffs the rose.” Inspired the brand name TISRO (TI-tiger, S-sniffs, RO-rose)
Just like the fierce tiger shows tenderness whenever it sights a rose, the way parents show sincere love to kids, the way couples and intimate friends show love, TISRO also preaches sincere love.
The word TISRO is not only a brand name but a reflection of the dual personality of human in sincere love.