TISRO|An Eco-friendly Straws Company founded in the United States

In what seemed to be an ‘unfortunate experience’ lay a fascinating future, although it was unknown at the time. TISRO – An Eco-friendly Straws Company company founded in the United States that aims at providing pollution free, simple household and consumer goods.

The creation of the name “TISRO” was inspired by a line in Siegfried Sassoon’s poem- “in me the TI-tiger S-sniffs the RO-rose”. These words, though fictional, reflects the tenderness shown by a creature as vicious and aggressive as a tiger when in contact with the eco-system. It also expresses how such sincere love can be shown by humans toward our highly valuable eco-system.

However, to find the inspiration behind this international brand, we return to the French city- Bordeaux, in the summer of 2014 where the hotel room of Lin, a young Chinese tourist burst into flames – spreading much faster than it could be controlled and causing major damages in two rooms.

Lin, a graduate of King’s College London (KCL), was at the time a student majoring in Finance which he pursued up to his Master Degree. He had just reconnected with an old primary school classmate Claire who was at the time studying in Canada – a double major in Statistics and Economics in the University of Toronto (U of T).

It seemed to be a regular day for Claire who was in France for summer school, until she received an emergency call from her primary school class mate requesting for her credit card to fix up the damage caused by the hotel fire. The hotel fire was said to have resulted from an electric blanket brought in by Lin, eventually forcing some 80 tourists to relocate from the hotel.

It’s been over four years since the incident, and the relationship established by Claire and Lin on that fateful day has only grown stronger with time. This eco-un-friendly incident sparked the idea of building a brand that specializes in the production of eco-friendly kitchen and household products with a mission to reduce the pollution in our eco-system.

This has so far been achieved by making environmental protections more attractive and less burdensome. TISRO has grown to be an international brand, with products in over 10 countries in Australia, Europe and Asia. Their three basic principles are;

  1. Selection of Premium Eco-friendly Materials
  2. Light and Exquisite Gift Package Designs
  3. Cost-effective Products and Services

Thanks – in no small part – to the leadership skills of Claire’s husband, Lin, who has served as a sales manager, data analyst and as an assistant manager in several national and multi-national financial firms, TISRO has benefited from the experienced guidance of a seasoned manager. The company has constantly polished and refined its ideas, reaping the dividends of forward-thinking without drifting away from the original idea that birthed the firm.

What started out as two old unfamiliar classmates simply trying to catch up quickly soared into a wonderful partnership of two bright minds. Was it always meant to be? While we cannot be certain of that, we are delighted with the resulting end product – TISRO.

"TISRO is a reputable international brand specializing in eco-friendly household and kitchen products. Their products are available in over ten countries in North America, Australia, Europe, and Asia. Their mission is ECO WORLD, BETTER LIFE.




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