Reusable Straws – 5 Compelling Reasons you need to switch from plastic to reusable straws.

Although it is hard to completely eliminate use of plastic in our day to day life, minimizing its use is a step in the right direction. Dumping of plastic bags, plastic bottles and other plastic products in our water bodies interfere with marine lives and some species are nearing extinction. Since we humans are the custodians of these precious God’s creation, it’s the high time we change this devastating situation. We need to shift to the use of reusable straws such as TISRO straws. Embracing the use of TISRO reusable straws will enable you cut down on the amount of plastic you dispose of in your home.

By and large, shifting to the use of eco-friendly reusable TISRO straws has the following benefits.

  • Reusable straw are nontoxic.

You probably didn’t know that you may be taking in harmful toxins as you sip your tasty drink using plastic straws.  Now that you know, you need to consider using reusable stainless straws. Plastic straws have been feared to contain Bisphenol A and Phthalates, two toxins that have damaging effects in your body. Bisphenol A has been known to cause heart problems, mental illness, and exposes one to risk of getting cancer. So, why expose your loved ones to these harmful toxins? There is no point, just switch to reusable stainless straws.

  • Enables to avoid unnecessary trash and are easy to clean.

If you look into your trash can, you will realize that plastic straws and plastic bags constitute most of the items in your trash. These plastics are then dumped into our oceans and beaches. In the US alone, hundreds of million plastic straws are used and dumped daily.  What this means is that we need to switch to use of reusable straws so as to minimize the amount of plastic straws manufactured and used on daily basis. Besides, being eco-friendly, reusable straws are easy to clean and maintain. When you buy our reusable straws at TISRO, we ship the order to your destination at no cost.

  • Buying reusable straws is budget friendly.

Since reusable straws are strong and durable, you will not need to buy them daily. If you calculate how much you spend on buying disposable plastic straws in a month, you will realize that reusable stainless straws are worthwhile. So, start saving extra money by switching to reusable straws.

  • They are kind to the environment.

Unlike the plastic straws that contribute to environmental degradation and greenhouse effects, reusable straws are tender to the environment. If we are to avert extreme climate changes, we have no option but to switch to using reusable straws. We have a duty to preserve our environment for future generations.


  • Set a good example.

By switching to use of reusable straws, you will be setting a good example for your children and others who look up to you. Why not lead the course towards achieving a sustainable and stable planet? It will take the initiative of you, me and other environmentalists to deliberately decide to switch from using plastics straws to reusable ones so as to make a positive change in our planet.

Remember, changing the current state of our environment for the better should start with you. Start using products that are tender to the environment.


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