Reusable and Eco-friendly Kitchen Products and How to Best Clean Them.

The need to take care of our environment has necessitated the use of eco-friendly and reusable products in most household kitchen. Dumping of plastic products in rivers and oceans and other water bodies pose a great threat to marine life. Embracing use of reusable products such as TISRO reusable straws and reusable water bottles is a huge step towards eradicating environmental degradation.  However, many people are fearing to buy reusable and eco-friendly kitchen product arguing that it will mean extra work to keep them clean. Cleaning your reusable kitchen products need not be a stressful affair anymore. Here are the best ways to keep your reusable kitchen products sparkling clean.

  1. Reusable Water bottles.

Water bottles need to be cleaned on regular basis especially during summer when the weather is a bit hot. Leaving the bottle unclean can lead to bacteria multiplication which in turn can compromise your health. There are many way in which you can keep your water bottles gleaming clean naturally. For instance, you can use a tablespoonful of dry rice and water and shake vigorously. The rice will scrub the bottle to a sparkling clean finish. Then, rinse the bottle with soapy hot water.  You can disinfect your water bottle by putting a tablespoonful of table salt in boiling water and then rinse the water bottle with it.

  1. Reusable straws.

Most people who are environmentalists have seen the need to shift from use of plastic straws to use of reusable and eco-friendly straws such as the TISRO metal and silicone straws. They are classy and elegant.  TISRO offers you quality reusable straws at a relatively fair price on Amazon. The good thing with their straws is that they come with cleaning brushes and a carry bag. Also, keeping these straw clean is very easy. You just need to pass the cleaning brush through them, scrubbing them a little bit.  Then rinse them in soapy water. To avoid them getting dirty, we recommend you store the straws in a clean sleeve.

  1. Napkins and cloth bags.

Napkins and cloth bags are the easiest to clean. They can be cleaning manually or buy use of washing machine. However, it is not advisable to put them in a drier as this can make them to shrink. The best way is to put them on the line outside to dry.

Cleaning your reusable and environment- friendly kitchen products has never been easier than this. Let’s join forces and protect our environment by buying reusable and eco-friendly products here.


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