How to choose a reusable straw?

Ban on plastic straws is a hot topic that is widely discussed worldwide. Many business have welcomed the move to use of reusable straws. However, there are things you didn’t know about metal and reusable straws. Read on.

  1. Stainless Steel Straws.

Probably, you didn’t know why people prefer using straw to suck up their drink. Well, using straws is not only hygienic but also help protect our teeth from corrosion. Dipping your teeth in juices and coffee can erode the enamel.

Stainless steel metal straws are of two types, food grade and medical grade. The two differ in term of price. Food grade is cheaper than medical grade. It is also not resistant to scratches and heat as well as fatty acids and sulfuric acids in foods and drinks. On the other hand medical grade stainless steel straw is resistance to all of the above.  This make it the best option when you are eating and drinking at the same time.

  1. Bamboo reusable straws.

If you never knew, bamboo straw are the most ecofriendly reusable straws. They are produced sustainably and are easy to dispose. However, if you don’t like cleaning, this is not the right type for you. Bamboo reusable straws require thorough cleaning and drying so as to avoid bacteria build up and mold.

  1. Titanium straws.

These are the most costly reusable straws. However, they are the most suitable for children since they contain no toxins. If you like drinking a lot, we recommend you consider buying titanium reusable straws. They don’t have that metallic taste as other kind of reusable metal straws. They are strong and durable hence you don’t necessarily need to handle them with ease as you drink.

  1. Grass reusable straws.

Grass reusable straws are resistant to acidic erosion. This gives them an edge over the stainless steel straws that are susceptible to corrosion. Therefore, if you like taking acidic drinks, consider using grass straws. Grass straws are heat resistant and hence suitable for stirring hot drinks like coffee. Grass reusable straws are very hygienic due to the fact that they are transparent. You can easily see through them and ascertain that they are gleaming clean before use. However, grass straws are not suitable for young children as they easily break.

Basically, there is a lot you need to know about reusable straws and we can go on and on. However, that all for now. Choosing your reusable straw should not be a difficult thing. Go with what will work for you and be happy sucking as you keep green.







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